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abc2xyz IT Support
abc2xyz IT Support abc2xyz IT Support abc2xyz IT Support abc2xyz IT Support
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Network Solutions:

We believe that the best answer is to keep things simple, and to avoid cutting corners. Keep as many of the machines as possible the same as each other, from the same manufacturer, and have them running the same software.

Ideally they will be running only what is necessary and will not be cluttered up with dodgy junk downloaded ad-hoc from the Internet. A certain amount of this is unavoidable, and perhaps educational for your staff, but too much can leave the PC's lumbering along at a snail's pace, loaded down with nice little Trojans so that the hacker community can examine your data at their leisure.


A typical network will consist of the PCs used by staff and the cabling or wireless connections needed to connect them together. On top of that you will need at least one server to control the network and to store centrally managed files. Ideally you will also have a backup server in case the main one fails. The network will also need a router to connect it to the Internet (depending on the connection system you choose), and a firewall to protect the network from curious outsiders, and some anti-virus software. Various peripherals will also be required, such as printers and scanners and, these days, not forgetting digital cameras.


We are able to provide a complete range of IT equipment and services, tailored to your specific requirements. We prefer to supply big-name brands as these offer the maximum in long-term security and the most reliable warranties. On the intangible side, we offer a full consultancy service, and can provide the technical support you need to determine your requirements.


It is all very well getting all the right equipment, but it still needs to be set up correctly. Our installation service will ensure that all machines are properly installed, ready for your people to sit down and start working. Just about all they have to do is turn up.


Once the system is installed and running, we recommend a maintenance contract for your peace of mind. One of your staff can be the 'System Administrator' for routine tasks such as keeping regular backups, but if things go wrong, you need to have expert help on hand.




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