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A computer 'virus' is a type of computer program, much like any other, except that it usually has the ability to damage your data. Indeed, it is usually designed to do just that. Why? Well, there are lots of people about who think nothing of causing problems for other people. No doubt some will even think that if you haven't taken steps to protect yourself, you deserve what you get. So, they write the program, and these days they usually disguise it so that it can be delivered to you in a way you won't notice - such as an e-mail attachment. You look at the mail, open the attachment to see what it is, and... your computer is 'infected' and your data is at risk.

It is impossible to stop all viruses, but modern software can stop 99.99% of them - and any it doesn't know about today, it almost certainly will know about within a week. When your anti-virus system is installed, it can be regularly updated over the Internet, on a daily basis if necessary, to keep it as fully up-to-date as possible.

There are a number of well-known vendors of email-virus scanning software - McAfee, Sophos, Norton, Trend, Panda...

Which one to use?

Which vendor has the best record?

Just installing a package is not the end. For these products to be effective one must keep the virus signatures up to date. Whenever a new virus is released on the Internet, you will be checking with your vendor to see if they know about it, and if they have new virus signatures for you to download.

Full Business Anti-Virus Solutions:

We can totally secure your entire network, and even remote workers to shield them from any damaging virus.

Our services include automatic scanning of every file as it is accessed on your network, automatic scanning of new disks and regular maintenance.

Our services include cleaning of infected networks, data recovery and assistance even in the direst case.

We offer full installations of all major antivirus products for servers, networks and desktops, email scanning, remotely managed antivirus solutions all to ensure:

  • You have the latest antivirus software correctly configured on all your machines.

  • Every service from email, file sharing and even floppy disks is automatically guarded from viral attack.

  • You are downloading the latest antiviral signatures and engines to keep on top of the latest viruses.

  • You are kept informed of risks, developments and trends within the antivirus sector.

  • Antivirus Solutions for Email.




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