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Our Street
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Our Community

We are lucky and unusual in this modern day to have a community such as we do. Neighbours know each other, and even speak to each other. There are dinner parties between neighbours, barbeques and book clubs and this is not unusual but rather the norm. There are even groups that go to the cinema and theatre together as well as of course the pub.

People take pride in the street, with flowers outside houses and a general awareness to our community. This is why the Estate Agents refer to it as "Little Chelsea".

In the last 10 years we have had at least 3 street parties, where the road is closed, bunting is put up and everyone puts tables out on the street. It would not be a surprise if we do another one this year !

Look back ..... then look forward

Come into Radnor Road from Portmore Park Road and you will be struck by two things at once. The best Wisteria in the world and the date when the road was born..........1897. [ You might also be struck by a car].

When builders constructed the fine Villas on Portmore Park Road covenants prevented them from building semi detached or terraced dwellings. Radnor and Glencoe Roads are nearly all terraced. These houses were built to house the workers on the Navigation and the mills on the Thames and what is now Whittets Ait. The workers got there via the wonderful footbridge, which is now a listed building.

The street itself had industry. A laundry, a biscuit factory which later became the place where fittings for buses were made, and then a toaster maker. Punts were made and launched nearly opposite where this factory still stands. There were at least two corner shops. Look on the very corner of Glencoe and Radnor for the site of one of them and on the 90 degree corner of Radnor for the other.

There is a Village Green dedicated to the use of the "Children of Radnor Road"'; walk down the alley by the Wisteria and you will find it.

Some people have lived in Radnor Road for more than seventy years in the same house.

Let's look forward to keeping this backwater special.



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